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Your Ryman Website Enquiry

Thank you for your interest in a new website from Ryman. Unlike other low-cost website providers where you have to build you own website, we do it for you!

We offer a complete range of affordable website packages for every type of business whether you are just starting out where our starter package might be ideal for you, right up to bespoke designed websites with highly complex functionality used by £multi-million companies.

Whatever you choose, your website will be built by our expert web designers who you will deal with you directly on a personal basis throughout every step of the process.

How does it work?

The design and build will start with a telephone consultation with a member of our professional design team.

If you have chosen one of the Starter, Essential or Pro packages, following the design consultation your new website will be built and customised using your content and images (or free stock images if preferred), consisting of up to the number of designed pages your package allows. You will then be shown an online draft of the design following which we will make any changes you require. Once you have approved the design, we will complete your website within 15 working days of receiving all content and images that needs to be provided by you.

Prior to handover, you will receive training on how to manage your new website and during this training period we will also add the first ten products to your shop, whilst showing you how to add and change further products yourself.

You choose the package that suits your requirements, but just to show what is available, following are the features included in the PRO package:

  • A top-quality eCommerce Module with sophisticated shop functionality where you can add unlimited categories and product images.
  • Accept all major credit and debit cards. Choose from a selection of payment gateways including PayPal.
  • A Banner Creator Module with which you can make an unlimited number of dynamic banners to add to your website.
  • An Image Editor is also included, so you change your pictures and optimise them to display correctly on your website pages or in your site banners.
  • A Social Media Integration Module that allows you to link your site to all your Social Media networks.
  • A Web Forms Module. Create sophisticated online forms for information or data collection.
  • A GDPR module that will help to keep your website compliant with the GDPR regulations.
  • A fully featured Blog Module to help you engage with your customers which will also help to improve your website’s SEO.
  • Newsletter mailer that allows you to create stylish newsletters that you can email to your mailing list to promote your business. You can even add time and date sensitive discount codes to encourage more sale through your online shop.
  • The facility to add an unlimited number of photo albums containing unlimited numbers of pictures with various display options. The images can even be automagically added to a Google map using the image meta data when available.
  • A Membership Module with which you can create an unlimited number of member or customer groups that your website visitors can sign up to. From this module you will be able to send unlimited numbers of targeted newsletters and offers to your customers using the newsletter mailer.

You will be able to sell up to 500 physical or digital products online through the eCommerce module and take payments through one of the built-in professional payment gateways (Barclaycard, Worldpay Secure Trading, Allied Wallet or by PayPal).

You will also benefit from 50GB of SSL secure hosting, 5 domain name email accounts, a free, .uk, or .com domain name for the first year, and four screen share or telephone sessions per year with a member of our design team of up to one hour each. These sessions can be used to refresh your website content or design, or used for further user training if preferred.

As stated above, before handing your website over to you, you will receive up to half an hour of user training (usually by screen share or telephone), which is followed by ongoing online chat support during office hours. During your training you will be shown how to make changes to your website from the administration area and how to add or change shop products. You will also have access to user training videos online and a ticketed system for technical support outside normal working hours.

What if my business outgrows my website?

As businesses grow, their online demands often outgrow their websites capabilities, so most end up scrapping all the hard work they’ve done in the past and have to find a developer to build them a new site. With Ryman this won’t happen! You can upgrade your website to another package, or even to a fully bespoke website at any time.

Bespoke Websites

If you require a bespoke website, the design and build process is the same as above, but the build time will take longer as the design and development work is totally bespoke, on an individual site by site basis. Plus, there are no limitations to the functionality you need, the number of pages you have designed, or the number of products that you can sell online.

Ongoing Management & SEO Services

For bigger or busier sites that require regular changes or updates, which you might not have the time to do yourself, we have a number of management packages that can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Also, to keep ahead of your competition it is important that your site SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is current. There are various methods of improving your SEO, some of which are very specialised, but whatever your needs we also offer a range of SEO packages.

Website Designed & Built For You Prices

Starter £299 & £25 pm.
Essential £449 & £35 pm.
Pro £599 & £45 pm.
Bespoke £1,200 upwards, subject to quotation & from £30 pm.

Our Competition

There aren’t many options available when it comes to low cost professionally built websites, so the most obvious comparison will be to the DIY offerings such as Wix and Squarespace etc.

The first thing you may notice is their monthly fees appear to be less, but there are many reasons for that!

  • The prices they quote are for a basic limited website and don’t have the same functionality as Ryman websites.
  • You have to pay more every month to add further functions.
  • The prices shown are the monthly equivalent when paid annually in advance.
  • Their sites don’t include email accounts, where Ryman do.
  • Their prices don’t include VAT whereas Ryman do.

And most importantly – Ryman build it for you!

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